Race Against Time

1. I was searching around if iPhone price has reduced since the introduction of iPhone4s. Unfortunately the answer is no. A store assistant was smiling when I posed her the question; 4S is no where to be seen, she said. Homo sapiens are searching for technology as never before. Yet, we are left behind in the race for technological supremacy. Are we the master or servant of technology when each time technology change; we are the one who are racing against time.

2. If you are a businessman who always on the look for the business opportunity; here is the figure. Over the next 10 years, number of people online doubles from 2 billion to 4 billion. Very much so, the number of internet linked devices quadruples from 5 to 20 billion. Those data speak for themselves. Any opportunity in the future is on the way people connect and use internet for social and educational purposes.

3. It is therefore very clear that people are racing against time. The speed with which new technologies have been adopted by us all, in general, has increased many folds. Those who are young, affordable and techno-savvy, the turn over of using the ever-changing technology is much higher.

Action, please?

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