IKEA effect

1. My wife likes IKEA stuff. Every time we walk into IKEA, I have to check her priority. I like ultramodern Swedish furniture compare to Balinese style furniture. However, buying Swedish furniture means I have to assemble parts myself. I don’t like assembling parts. Either I outsource to my kids or buying en bloc.

2. However, psychologists have shown that investing in some labor or putting effort on either getting the object, assembling it or modifying it can result in an increase in attachment value to it.

3. I have a friend who loves to modify his car, Proton Satria. He is willing to buy another car for his wife with a condition that his wife will not share his personalize modified car.

4. I suppose he might have said to himself: Having spent so much money on this car, I really love it and will never give it to anyone even my wife to drive it. I am attached to it.

5. That attachment after so much effort is what psychologist called IKEA effect. Orr, look when I put down my signature: mohdjamil@photogallery into my photo, it is an effort, right? That makes me attach to my photo and love it so much…that too is an IKEA effect…haha..

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