I followed with great interest Bersih 2.0 demo through twitter. Every moments of drama were filled with trills and tribulations. I don’t understand how our political masters think. Bersih demands are essentially classified as ‘political’ and they should settle their differences in a political manner. By leaving it’s up to the police to handle delicate issues are like going 40 years back into the Emergency era.

Police is generally poor in handling issues. Police job is primarily to safeguard national security. Politicians on both sides must be responsible as they are answerable to rakyat. Unfortunately, in securing the security, forces were used indiscriminately on many occasions.

We shouldn’t forget that in the world we are living today, every single individuals are equipped with mobile telecommunication; telephone, camera, videocam, FB and twitter. Every single actions can be recorded and sent at once for the rest of the world to see and finally, conclude. Thus, images that I have witnessed on the handling of defenceless demonstrators deserved to be classified under abuse of power not simply a self-defence act.

On the same note, statements given post-Bersih demo by many ministers seem to ignore the fact that in the borderless world, information is accessible to public instantly and people are now empowered to counter-check the authenticity of information they heard.

I trust since confrontation has been chosen from the day one, there are lots of damage control have to be done…