The Language of Colour

1. White is said to cleanse and purity, cool and calming. It works well in any colour combination. My wife dislikes white because the colour can easily get dirty. Second reason is because it reflects so much light and hence shows every imperfection. In photo editing, white is best used when the background is dark.

2. Red symbolizes energy, warmth, and passion. That’s why I use this color to motivate me since it symbolizes passion.

3. Blue is calming and relaxing. I don’t know how it becomes the color of our security force. How are you going to answer if people were to ask you which sides are you on: blue or green?

4. Green indicates calm, well-being and religion. My family baju raya will be in hijau pucuk pisang (green banana shoot). I think it is a great choice because I want to feel calm and restful.

5. I believe it is important to choose the color that can change dramatically the visual proportion of one’s size. At the same time, color indicates the mood and atmosphere that one needs to create. Green grass or golden green do not serve that purpose.

6. My daughter is still in doubt and believes blue is still the best…

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