Partner of the Earth

This is an interesting article published in Nature, just for our information.  As people have their partners, the Earth has … More

Perfect Stranger

1. Mat Yong, a-50-year old Chinese convert, single, living alone not very far from the infamous, small, roundabout in Grik … More


1. Never heard about the patent? If I invented something new and I don’t want anyone else to profit from … More

Coffee Or Sky Juice?

Coffee Good For: – accuracy, attention and alertness – Gallbaldder -> may prevent gallstone – Memory -> may improve power … More


DIY 1. To save budget 2. Stay in control 3. Having a bit of a laugh DDIY 1. Have you … More

Bersih 2.0

1. I followed with great interest Bersih 2.0 demo through twitter. Every moment of drama was filled with trills and tribulations. … More