Lessons From Melaka

Traffic jam in cities like KL and Penang has become a norm. Everywhere in Malaysia traffics are congested. Lately, Melaka and Kota Bharu have suffer the same fate. What is the common denominator between Melaka and Kota Bharu? The answer is both places are visitors’ paradise. The pleasure of visiting both places will tempt people to come back again, to explore yet another thrill of shopping as well as to relieve the stress particularly during school holidays.

As both places are fix and located in such locations near the sea, further development is quite difficult. Nevertheless, Melaka has taken a step further – monorail. Any places of historical attraction will be badly congested during holidays will need a monorail to transport passengers moving from one place to another.

KB has to learned from Melaka. Politics and urban management have to consider rakyat as the first priority.

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