Globalized Public Sector?

It is becoming more apparent that Malaysians are facing a global competition in every aspects of life. The opening up John Hopkins Medical School for instance, has invited many foreign medical consultants to this country.

This is good for the sake of future research and innovation in the medical field. However, stiff competition is expected for local doctors to compete with their overseas counterpart to serve this prestigious university.

Unlike the government sector, private institution is geared toward searching and hiring the best brains by just focussing on talent. The government sector, on the other hand, is spared because it has national interests and agendas to be implemented.

How long would it takes before globalization is allowed to swipe the public sector is open for speculation. Some elements in the Government Transformation Plan are in place to spearhead the public sector for global competition.

One way is by formulating an effective brain gain strategy and providing a more conducive environment to attract talented Malaysians and non-Malaysians to contribute to the knowledge-based economy.

How much this effort would create difficulty in:
(i) inculcating sensitivity to diversity and
(ii) developing skills in managing and mediating potential conflicts amongst people need to be looked at.


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