Nothing Like A Freedom To Publish

Venture into something different like writing on the net, is very exciting indeed. Many don’t realize the roomy feeling due to endorphine released while pressing the button publish.

Writing comes with heavy responsibility. Self-censorship is vital.

1. I State My Idea
It is my idea about the world I live in. Of course, I need to see and observe others to come out with my own ideas. I am not Socrates.

2. Appreciate Other People Ideas by giving compliment
Basically if I borrow ideas from people, I have to acknowledge either by giving compliment or Thank You. Sometimes in a hurry, I forget. That’s human nature.

3. Short Sentence, Simple Word
If I write in full sentences, it is simply a process of training my mind which use to think in my native language. It is about the ‘software’. The advise is use short and simple sentences.

4. Short Post
Short post, less mistake made.

5. I Learn to Make Headlines 
Difficult task until today…still learning.

6. I don’t like bullet Point
I like writing, not listing. I enjoy training my mind to construct ideas rather than constructing lists.

7. Pictures
I’ll try putting more pictures but I am not a professional photographer.

8. Consistent writer
I publish every day. That makes me a consistent writer and blogger. It just take 10 minutes to write simple posting. It is just a candid idea.

9. Write in English
My blog in English was viewed 4 times higher than the Malay. The lesson: write in English.

10. Write, Edit and Re-edit
Yes, the art of good writing is editing.

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