Intimacy: Sharing Heart, Mind, Body and Soul

Still in the spirit of Royal Wedding, let me touch something on intimacy, one of the pillar in Erikson’s psychosocial stages.

Many people equate intimacy with sex. No doubt, partly true that making love to a loving partner means having intimate relationship. But, for sure, it doesn’t come with a guarantee. Partners can have vast differences and yet they reproduce year by year.

I believe intimacy involves more that just a physical contact. The need for emotional, spiritual and intellectual sharing is far greater than just being physical. As a result, intimacy is about sharing. Everything….from physical to emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual.

In order to make sharing work, one needs to reveal the whole lot about him/herself. Relationships by itself are a process of self-revelation. Therefore, intimacy requires that you allow your partner into your heart, mind, body and soul.

That, intimacy is all about.

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