Travel along East-West Highway just to attend half-a-day meeting. Sound ridiculous. But that is the necessity for many of us. I was travelling the day Sarawakians threw their support back to the incumbent party. Needless to say, the travel was tiring but worthwhile.

I imagine our country is like Switzerland. Switzerland’s geographical position with its transit routes over the Alps make it desirable for the construction of tunnels to preserve the beautiful scenery and environment. I was made to understand that tunnel building has a long history in Switzerland.

Tunnels have made Switzerland’s famous as a tunnel-building nation. Years of experience, both in Switzerland and abroad, enable engineers to decide what kind of tunnels are best for the specific slopes and lands.

The 57-kilometre (35.4-mile) high-speed rail link, which will open in 2017, will form a new rail network between northern and southeastern Europe and help ease congestion and pollution in the Swiss Alps. It is the third tunnel to be built through the snowbound  area but it is much the longest and three kilometres longer than a rail link between two Japanese islands, the current record holder at 53.8 kilometres. Wow…!

If Malaysia was able construct a tunnel underlying Titiwangsa range, I would imagine that time has come for this country to be called a developed country. Yo..

Look at how the Japanese build their own bridge and tunnel..