Jews Dilemma

‘How true that Jews are vanishing from Europe is difficult to ascertain. In 1939, there are 10 millions Jews in Europe. During WWII, more than half were murdered by Hitler. In 1994, emigration and a surplus of death over births had reduced Europe’s Jewish population by more than half, to under 2 million. In Poland and Austria, there are hardly any Jews left. In ex-Soviet Union countries, the number goes down from 2.6 million in 1937 to 650,000 in 1990.  In Eastern European lands dominated by Soviet imperialism between 1945 and 1989, the large pre-war Jewish communities have all but disappeared. In Western Europe, the emancipation of of the Jews, first achieved in France under the Revolution, seemed to provide a secure position from Jews within liberal democracies. With the establishment of Israel in 1948 a new ideological pole of attraction was created. This too, give rise to new accusation of double loyalties or disloyalty……’

Just started reading, Vanishing Diaspora: The Jews in Europe since 1945. By: Bernard Wasserstein.

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