I Wish I Had More Confidence

Meeting with one-time good friend really made me emotional. The mystery we call friendship. We loss and we forget, continue our life again till then we meet again and catch up the gap in time and space. As a young boy, I was pretty hopeless perhaps but as I grow up, becoming wised up and gradually learnt to appreciate friendship.

When we were boys, we used to stay in the same dorm. There were 8-10 of us in the same room.

Daud was just a thin, slender boy who was quite organize but playful. He was a skilled hockey player. However, personally, we lack self-confidence, I would say. That bound us together, perhaps.

We’d just realized this when we catch up lately and had a good laugh, looking at ourselves over the past years. I’m the first person to admit this embarrassing facts and he agreed totally.

Being fool when young isn’t just part of the deal in friendship, it is the deal. We made all kind of blunders but at the same time we grow up together, develop ties and bond which we never thought we made.

Sometimes the secret is just to share and to forget!

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