Would You Marry the Same Person?

It is an interesting question if I were to ask my client to see if they have made a correct choice in life.

People with stable marriages would often answer ‘yes’ simply because all they know in their life, are their wives. Good or bad, is taken as part of married life. Life is seen as mutual sharing of love and respect.

On the other hand, those with restless heart, would often think of the ‘better’ one to suite his/her expectation. Some are willing to untie the knot, if given a chance. Worst still, the new parameter is very much material.

I believe the basic assumption here is whether a. have you made a correct choice and b. are you satisfied with the choice you made. It is about your personality and your spouse’s personality.

Matching is not almost always the keyword. Compliment to each other, mutual respect and accommodative are practical elements than just matching in term of hobby during leisure time. Those are dynamic elements and stand the standard test in life.

I rest my case.

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