Nuclear Threat and Renewable Energy

Looking at how Japanese are trying to contain nuclear tragedy at Fukushima Daitchi power plant, I am skeptical about the plan to build nuclear reactor in 2012. If catastrophe were supposed to occur like 1986 Chernobyl disaster, do we have enough land to desert? Worst still, the whole Peninsular will need to be deserted? Where to?

Since Fukushima tragedy in early March, Germany plans to shut down seven oldest nuclear reactor. Many other countries are reviewing the safety policy including US and European countries. Iran asserts her right to nuclear energy despite Western suspicion that Iran might one day build nuclear weapon.

Malaysia should look for new renewable energy particularly from wind, wave and natural resources. India has been using biomass. Beside hydropower, Malaysia can utilize solar energy, wind energy and water power. Years ago, wood supplied the most of our energy needs. Then come charcoal and now we depend heavily on petroleum and natural gas to meet our need.

Renewable energy may be expensive because the technology is not well developed. Nevertheless, the benefit is obvious and rewarding in term of environmental protection.