Table Manners

We Malaysians more often than not, will answer text at dinner table. We are not use to separate quality talk with disruptive behavior which intervene eye-to-eye contact.

I have seen a friend busy answering text massages while I was sitting in front of him doing nothing, collecting my thought on what to say next; once he finishes with his business. By the time, he finished, I had forgotten on my prepared thought and the moment passed without exchanging any significant point at discussion.

The world has changed so rapidly that people do not respect precious moment any more. As time is gold, work has to be completed at all costs, even at dinner table. No doubt, many relationships fail as people don’t listen, fail to lend their ears and do not respond appropriately to their partners.

New generations are particularly at-risk. They are task-oriented and gadget-savvy people. Nevertheless, they interact less face-to-face. They find no harm interacting with gadget while the ‘real friends’ are indeed present next to them. How on earth, could this happen?

We should be more civilized when it comes to table manners since religion that we opted to follow upon teaches us to be civil and obedience.