Many people staying outside Kelantan may not know what is chotek.

Chotek is a ‘kuah-flooded roti canai’. When I was wandering around Sultan Mohammad IV Stadium, I found a stall called the Red Warrior Chotek. It seems that everyone is associating themselves with the Red Warrior Team even the roti canai stall.

Here, only a handful of roti canai outlet are managed by “mamak”. The rest of the shops are managed by local people. Even one nocturnally operated roti canai stall along Jalan Sultan Yahya Putra is managed by a petite, teen age school girl who seems to be very efficient in making roti canai.

Kuah roti canai in Kelantan is supplied with sugar in case clients need extra sweet taste.

Nothing new when people in Utara ask for ‘banjir’ which means roti canai flooded with kuah. Mamak, the seller, knows that very well. Mamak shops have improved roti canai to roti tissue, a crispy kind of roti canai, made to stand on plate like Teluk Intan Slanting Tower, eaten with sweet condensed milk.