Project Management Part 1

Here are some tips which I summarized based on my reading on how to manage project.

1. What is the role of the project?
– develop proses management skills
– built your intepersonal skills
– built a support network

2. Get a solid team ready
– exceptional people matter
– convey confidence in your team
– recognize good performance

3. What is the true need?
– document the problem
– share the document
– get approval to focus on the true need

4. Financial analysis
– cash inflows
– cost outflows
– cash flow table

5. Conduct formal kickoff
– identify which stakeholders to attend
– Plan management presentations
– Use time effectively

6. Pause for reality check
– what is the problem definition
– specific solution identified
– check before full scale implementation

7. Terminate unworthy project
– stay alert to significant changes
– Avoid the term failure
– Beware of letting inertia win

8. Develop a logical plan
– start with a network diagram
– develop a project control plan
– identify critical path

9. Leave room for learning
– match plan details to uncertainty level
– provide ranges
– schedule phase approval meetings

10. Understand team dynamics
– Address role questions in a team meeting
– Meet with team members individually
– Keep individual differences visible

11. Develop a configuration plan
– plan the approach
– plan the execution and control
– plan for communication and personnel needs

12. Manage all project stakeholders
– Get to know your stakeholders
– understand your power and influence over them
– develop strategies for dealing with stakeholder

(to be continued)