What People In Toyota Do?

Toyota not just build cars but people

In Toyota every manager is a teacher. The professional skill is the commodity to be traded in the market. Like hospital with outstanding surgeon….

Toyota philosophy of developing people:

a) Management decision is based on long term philosophy.
b) standardized process are the foundation for continuous improvement
c) Grow leaders who thoroughly understand the work and who live the philosophy and teach it to others
d) develop exceptional people and teams who follow company’s philosophy
e) Respect suppliers by challenging them and helping them improve
f) becoming a learning organization through relentless reflection and continuous improvement.

People development policy creates situations in which there is an equal balance between reward and punishment, to encourage the desired behavior. Perfect attendance will be rewarded, repeated absences are the easiest way to lose job.

Training within industry (TWI)

These consist of:

A) Job instruction – foundation for developing talent

B) Job Methods – 3 components:
1) job breakdown provides a method of analyzing the work to determine what is important & how certain aspect of the job should be performed.
2) 4-step method:
i) prepare the student
ii) present the operation
iii) try out performance
iv) follow up.
3) developing a training plan.

C) Job relations – train a trainer, 10-hr classroom session, 10 trainees in each session.

D) Program development

Toyota begin training at a high level to understand the skill requirements of the job, starting with the broad overview and Toyota hire exceptional people in different types of jobs. The workers learn from broad classification to specific skill requirements.

(Those ideas are based on my summary on the book I read, Toyota Talent: Developing your people the Toyota Way. By: Jeffrey K. Liker & David P. Meier).