Problem or Solution focus?

Promoting idea is a great thing to do. Ideas are like children, there are none so wonderful as your own.

Idea has to be used to solve problem. Therefore, generating idea has to be problem focus or solution focus.

Using the word ‘why’ is the usual thing to do when we focus to solve problem. For instance, why the pipe leaks? However, sometimes by removing the word ‘why’ we focus more on solution. for example: what I need to do with the leaked pipe?

Just remember, our subconscious drives automatic perception. Our nonautomatic perception is driven by how we consciously choose to focus our thinking. In short, we can frame and reframe our mind.

We can choose to focus on problem or solution. Most of the time, problem comes first, then solution. We can therefore focus on both but remember in term of practicality of thinking, solution should be the final result!