Generation Alpha?

Let me share the list of generation according to sociologist.

Builders: 1920-45
This generation is strong-willed, hard working, strong-ethically, conservative, follow order and instruction from authority.

Baby Boomers: 1946-1964
The time of prosperity, financially well. vocal on issues pertaining to their right, human right and liberal in their thinking.(Just turn around the four and six)

Generation X: 1965-79

Opposite, cynic, question the authority.

Generation Y: 1980-94

Rebellious, cynic, question authority.

Generation Z: 1995-2009

new generation in the era of internet, FB, Twitter. Tech-savvy, confident but politically oppositional.

Generation Alpha: 2010-2020

highly educated, load of info  -> overload, tech-savy, materialistic.

Politicians, teachers & parents, pls take note…..

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