Table Manners

We Malaysians more often than not, will answer text at dinner table. We are not use to separate quality talk … More


Many people staying outside Kelantan may not know what is chotek. Chotek is a ‘kuah-flooded roti canai’. When I was … More

Libya: Whazzup?

NATO has agreed on Friday 25 of March to take over from United States the responsibility of enforcing the no-fly … More

Project Management Part II

13. Measure against the baseline – Discuss what information is sessential – Identify where the information is generated – Decide … More

What People In Toyota Do?

Toyota not just build cars but people In Toyota every manager is a teacher. The professional skill is the commodity … More

Generation Alpha?

Let me share the list of generation according to sociologist. Builders: 1920-45 This generation is strong-willed, hard working, strong-ethically, conservative, … More

Body-Mind Health

I am sick with worry or in Malay, ‘saya risau tak tertanggung‘. That is what parents of student studying in … More