Some people do fall in love over and over again. That makes polygamy allowed in Islam. Why some people have polygamous tendency? hehehe..

Donatella Marazziti, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pisa Italy studied biochemistry of lovesickness. She found out that the levels of serotonin in OCD’s blood and the lover’s blood were 40% lower than those in normal subjects. They have similar chemical profile. One obsess with cleanliness whereas the other obsess with love. Of course love here means attention, care and companionship….perhap!

I hope I’m not interpreting lovesickness as a sick kind state of mind. Other wise, I could prescribe escitalopram when someone denying they love somebody. But one thing for sure, SSRIs cause decreased sexual drive. In layman term, it makes dull the libido and hence the relationship go stale. Wow…no wonder many people divorce or separated.

Then why passionate love last? Again scientists believe that it has something to do with the surge of dopamine that as you know accompanies passion and makes us fly! Consistent increase dopamine is a feature of schizophrenia, you know!

Am I correct by saying that love is akin to mental illness? That is why exposing yourself too long, too frequent would result in failing exam, frustration and psychological problem. So don’t keep changing your….ehmmm.

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