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Posted on: 24/02/2011

My daughter, a standard six student, once asked me: what are the different states of matter on earth? I guess that is what she learnt or asked in school. Of course I know the answer: solid, liquid and gas.

But I told her there is a new emerging one according to my previous entry. She opened up her eyes: what?

I said: Plasma. yes. She knew plasma tv and I told her plasma has life on its own.

Even before the introduction of LED, plasma tv is the trendy gadget to be displayed in the living room.

Plasma by itself is a key to new energy source. It can be used as disinfectant and for sterilization of medical equipment.

That all I know about plasma. Go and find out yourself. I told her….

Some people do fall in love over and over again. That makes polygamy allowed in Islam. Why some people have polygamous tendency? hehehe..

Donatella Marazziti, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pisa Italy studied biochemistry of lovesickness. She found out that the levels of serotonin in OCD’s blood and the lover’s blood were 40% lower than those in normal subjects. They have similar chemical profile. One obsess with cleanliness whereas the other obsess with love. Of course love here means attention, care and companionship….perhap!

I hope I’m not interpreting lovesickness as a sick kind state of mind. Other wise, I could prescribe escitalopram when someone denying they love somebody. But one thing for sure, SSRIs cause decreased sexual drive. In layman term, it makes dull the libido and hence the relationship go stale. Wow…no wonder many people divorce or separated.

Then why passionate love last? Again scientists believe that it has something to do with the surge of dopamine that as you know accompanies passion and makes us fly! Consistent increase dopamine is a feature of schizophrenia, you know!

Am I correct by saying that love is akin to mental illness? That is why exposing yourself too long, too frequent would result in failing exam, frustration and psychological problem. So don’t keep changing your….ehmmm.

A tradition of over 150 years in Killai, a coastal village in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, delivers lessons in communal amity when parts of the country have betrayed vulnerability to intolerance.

The age-old harmony will be seen again on February 18 when Muslims of the village receive Hindu Varahaswamy (the boar avatar of Vishnu) from his temple at Srimushnam, 60 km away.

Every year, Bhoo Varahaswamy is taken out in a procession for the Brahmotsatava festival between February and March. The procession receives a grand welcome in Killai where it halts at a dargah built for Sufi saint Hazrath Syed Sha Rahmathullah Vali Shuttary.

The Imam offers prayers, a garland and oblation of 11 kg of rice, five coconuts and Rs 501 to the deity. Later, a silk shawl on the deity is offered at the dargah and a chaddar is offered for the deity in return. The practice is linked to varying versions of land gifted to the temple by either the Sufi saint or one of his descendants.

Syed Sha Vajehunnaqi Saqaf, trustee of the dargah, said: “This area was not affected even during communal tension after the demolition of Babri Masjid and the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat.”

Tracing the origins of this practice, Saqaf said that one of his predecessors had given 26 acres of land to the then tehsildar, Uppu Venkatrao, on a long lease and at low rent to help him demarcate the Dargah lands and draw up the boundaries. [Courtesy: Hindustan Times]


I’d just share with my readers on the occasion in Tamil Nadu when Muslims and Hindus could live together in peace and harmony without any need to carry out demonstration such as carrying bull head or protest to outlaw Interlok.

I believe there are elements in our society who love to create instability for the sake of their own political interest. Let’s use our own judgement and don’t let them mislead us.

Exercise use to defeat stress. Human body is made to move. At the very least it is likely exercise reduces emotional discomfort. Exercise frees the mind from the stresses and strains of the day. It releases tension that built up, sometimes out of proportion. Going for exercise is as good and probably even better than having a rest. So when feeling anxious, better get out of the office and walk the tension away.

Exercise recharge the batteries after tension and stress have drained you of power and energy. It is as natural as breathing and it is the regular rhythmical action that drains away tension from our muscle and leaves us with a feeling of pleasant tiredness and calm, clear mind.

Exercise works because as we exercise, we become unconscious of our body and its movement, and we are just aware of the rhythm. We are born along in a total body-mind experience which make us whole.

That is why I will advise my patients whether they are suffering from psychological stress, neurotic disorder or even psychotic disorder to embark on exercise.


Many people scare to write because they may commit plagiarism. I think this is unfounded. Writing is the act of expanding ideas. It is pertinent when  ideas, images, graphs are borrowed the original writer ought to be given due acknowledgement.

So long that he/she is acknowledged, quoting the work of another person is permissible. As author, I am proud if my works are being referred by others. It means that my works have reached certain level that require others to notice it (at least) and therefore received due recognition.

Plagiarism can be avoided by proper instruction and education about respecting original author’s idea, giving due respect by quoting his words or works.

So readers…please quote my work.

Flood has been a normal phenomenon in the East Coast of Malaysia but lately the Northern and Southern part has been affected as well.

Let me just share one of my favorite pantun:-

Hujan tropika lebatnya menyapa,
Sudir kata bagaikan mutiara,
Kesan apa balanya apa?
Banjir berpindah dari Utara?

To my knowledge, no one has ever investigated the real reason behind this phenomena. DPM has announced that early warning system would be installed to alert people on the impending flood in their areas. This is good as prevention measure but it didn’t settle the root of the problem. Shall we ask our learned meteorologist to help us out finding the answer?…..

I trust from Indonesia to the Middle Eastern countries, every Muslims asked would disagree to allow Mubarak, the most indispensable Washington ally in the middle eastern world, to cling to power. On the other hand, if Egypt is allowed to crumble, I’m afraid the country would turn into chaos and Egypt would forever be another Iraq.

It is like a tug-of-war between opponents on one hand and the regime, on the other hand. How long the demonstrators could last by hurling taunts and rock in exchange of artillery barrage of tear gas? Or it could be true that the demonstrators have no well-organized leader that lead to a soft kind of response from the army.

At the end of the day, it is the question of who could sustain enough endurance to sustain the power struggle: rakyat (masses) or regime.

True enough the poor masses need to feed themselves whereas Mubarak had been fed by Washington a total of $600 billion in US aid over the past three decades.

Of course, the money is not for him but most go to modernize the army in order to check on Iran, Hamas and other Islamic revolutionary groups which could spark uprising and cause trouble in that part of the world. America has to make sure that in the power equation, Israel has to be ahead of Mubarak’s Egypt.

Perhaps, the final count is rakyat vs America. But geopolitically, the rakyat are people in the Muslim world.

I am very proud of the action taken by the Malaysian government dealing with the plight of Malaysian students facing with adversities during the recent political turmoil in Egypt. Pyramid mission, as it is called, is the first mission of its kind to transfer back Malaysian citizens on a large scale to the safety heaven called home.

For weeks, students are living in terror, especially those living near Tahrir Square, a red-alert, ‘war zone’ area in the capital, Cairo. Students living in Alexandria, Tanta, Zigazig and Mansoura are pretty safe and well-taken care by their sponsors, MARA, Medic Mesir and Global Medic Network. Except for some isolated cases, services rendered are excellence.

The only problems, I sense, are the lack of food as a result of massive, instant inflation and communication breakdown due to Egyptian government cut off on internet, twitter, FB and mobile lines. These problems are, of course, beyond control.

It is not an easy task to coordinate such a huge deployment of citizen in such a short period of time. High level of coordination is needed especially with regard to managing food, accommodation, transportation, logistic, safety, students’ surveillance, immigration and air space permission.

Students involved must learn on how to survive, coordinate emergency work, manage crisis and disaster. These knowledge will equip them with basic skills on how to become capable leaders in their respective area in the future.

Wisma Putra has to take steps in ensuring that Malaysian Embassies have the right number of staffs based on the number of Malaysian citizen living within their respective area of coverage. SOP on evacuation has to be updated regularly so that Malaysian Embassies are quick to act when the need arises.

We all realize by now that as Malaysia has becoming a developed country, there are many Malaysians live and work oversea. Therefore, Malaysia has to be as good as US and Japan in protecting it’s own citizen.

(Malaysian students attending safety briefing which in fact, indirectly, part of crisis management class)
-Courtesy, Mr Mahmood, Global Medic Network.