Integrated Transportation Terminal-Bandar Tasik Selatan (ITT-BTS)

As consumer, I welcome the newly built Integrated Transportation Terminal-Bandar Tasik Selatan (ITT-BTS).

I heard that each bus will be charged RM10 per entry and the same amount per exit. This would be like airline charge.

A reminder to bus operators:  the shorter duration you land the less fee you pay, hence, the more passenger you load the more profit you make.

Every ticket purchase would be imposed a surcharge fee of RM 1. I hope this wouldn’t raise ticket prices.

Last couple of days, I was using ITT Bandar Tasik Selatan as transit from KTM’s commuter at  Cititel Midvalley to ERL Transit on my way to Putrajaya. It is now very convenient to travel using public transport.

Of course, discussions are ongoing as to who should pay this and that…but at the end, what rakyat want is a truly efficient transportation system for the whole country.

[Thank You and Courtesy:]