Law Of Persuasion

Law of Reciprocity

When someone gives you something of perceived value, you immediately respond with the desire to give something back.

Law of Contrast

When two items are relatively different from each other, we will see them as more different if placed close together in time or space.

Law of Friends

When someone asks you to do something and you perceive that person to have your best interests in mind, and/or you would like him to have your best interest in mind, you are strongly motivated to fulfill the request.

Law of Expectancy

When someone whom you believe in or respect expects you to perform a task or produce a certain result, you will tend to fulfill his expectation whether positive or negative.

Law of Association

We tend to like products, services or ideas that are endorsed by other people we like or respect.

Law of Consistency

When an individual announces in writing or verbally that he is taking a position on any issue or point of view, he will strongly tend to defend that belief regardless of its accuracy even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Law of Scarcity

When a person perceives that something he might want is limited in quantity, he believes that the value of what he might want is greater than if it were available in abundance.

Law of Conformity

Most people tend to agree to proposals, products, services that will be perceived as acceptable by the majority of other people as a majority of an individual’s peer group.

Law of Power

People have power over other people to the degree that they are perceived as having greater authority, strength or expertise.

Note: If you are not a salesman, you don’t have to agree with all, the above mentioned law….he.