I still remember those days when I worked full hours in the ward assisting mothers to deliver their babies and those days are the best occasions that happened in my life.

To assist mum-to-be, let us examine the procedure called episiotomy; which is a little incision in the tissue below the birth canal to facilitate delivery.

One common justification is to avoid tear in the perineum which is the area just below the opening of the birth canal. In labor, especially for the new mother, the doctor will decide to perform episiotomy. The young, anxious doctor will not wait till full stretch happen and that is painful though with the injection of local analgesia.

Some people believe let it take a little while and let holding off pushing to give perineum a chance to adjust. By doing so, perhaps episiotomy can be avoided. Another way is to practice perineal massage during the final six weeks of pregnancy to reduce the risk of tear to a substantial degree.

Only when critical time comes such as baby heartbeat drop for an extended period, forceps is to be performed or infant’s shoulder too big to come out then only episiotomy need always to be performed.

Word of caution, I am not an obstetrician and gynecologist so don’t take all my words as the final advice. Ask your the doctor.