Can They Bridge the Divide?

When flood hits Northern states in the early November, this year; people, state and government agencies were not ready. They are practically caught red-handed!

I was making jokes with a friend in the FB that Changloon would soon be another Rantau Panjang and to our disbelieved in the next few hours, Changloon town was flooded, electricity was out and the rests were history.

As soon as the flood subsided, there were exchange of arguments between state and federal governments over delayed response in helping victims and media over-politicking on this issue. At the end of the day, rakyat will be the judge.

The question is, can both parties bridge the divide over political differences and come, all out, to help rakyat. After all, politic is about serving rakyat.

The taxi driver I met was accusing the state government and some bloggers are fed-up with bias reporting by the prominent media. Let us all agree, that nobody is at fault since nobody is ready.

I hate the blame game. As a practical person, I appreciate problem solving skills at it best!