Book Club

I had some experience initiating a book club which was promising in the beginning but it turned out to be a failed endeavor. Reason being, not many people were interested spending time doing book resection.  

Some people read only fiction, some read on motivation and the rest tackle anything. Choosing titles was then a problem. If the chairman like the title like war, then will the rest like war title too?

It is also about where to meet. Meeting in the department would lead to the problem of jealousy to those who haven’t join the group. Gathering at home would be fine but you must be truly committed as I would like to have more time on  reading and writing in a peaceful place called home.

You must be careful, the meeting may turn into cooking or academic study group discussion.

Perhaps, the best is to form a group in the FB. Decision on titles, time and place can be made online. Again, commitment from members is doubtful.

Finally, we are back to the square one…….