Children and Inflation

The typical scenario…

My eldest, a 19-year old boy lies on the bed, lap top on his chest, scrolls through his FB, while tv set is on, headset connects to MP3, text massages keep coming from no where and textbook on his side. My 11-year old girl, makes call to her friend, reading text for half an-hour while discussing homework thro’ the mobile. They goes out of the room, the light and air-condition are on and the list goes on and on.

To most children, the thought on inflation hasn’t necessarily put an end to lavish spending or stopped them from enjoying the good life. As parents, we are outraged with their attitude.  It appears as if they don’t try to comprehend the difficult times faced by parents and of course, it is unthinkable.

Under normal circumstances, most parents want to provide good quality of  life to their children. But in the era of inflation, parents can’t be held liable for some drops in quality of enjoyment to good life. Children have to understand this. A plate of used to be RM 1 fried koey teaw in the night market near my place is now RM 3.50 (If you don’t believe me, check it out) ; that would be a 350% increase as it has inflated by as much as 350% in nearly 4-5 years. This is the ugly fact of inflation.

The private is very quick to adjust on the price hike but the government sector is very slow…Now it is the right time for our children to react…..