The New Old Tips On Computer

I was telling my kid not to play too long with computer.

Either it can affect his eyes or it could be his eyes that need to be checked. What is important is the glare from computer may be too bright that may cause headache and giddiness. So I said, try to dim the light or better still get a desk lamp from my room. [Note: Some people work underneath a direct light in front of computer. In that case, they need to move their computer slightly away from direct light.]

I found that glare from a window can also cause eyestrain if it is reflected on my screen. Hence, I had to position my screen so the side of monitor is half parallel to the window. I had to use curtain to control brightness from outsides. Like it or not, this side of the corner is my favorite place to write.

Last few days, I’d just bought a new monitor. To read from that monitor I had to bend down my neck to some 10-20 degrees. As I was told, that is not good for my health. I may suffer cervical spondylosis if I continue to maintain these positions for years. The ideal is to maintain eyeline 5 cm to 8 cm below the top of the monitor. The screen should be  about an arm’s length away.

I prefer to read from light background with dark text although my blogs are basically made up of  the opposite color textures. Not to forget, there is a need to blink the eyes more often in order to lubricate them always.

Lastly, I told my kid to log off, go out and play……..

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