Pondering On Curriculum Revision…..

During recent years, many European countries have seen the need to revise their curricula for religious education and civic education within public school, in order to bring them in tune with the new religious pluralism in Europe where Islam and Muslim communities of different backgrounds have become an important part.

As Christian majority societies, European countries are faced with the challenging task of defining their sense of cultural community so as to accommodate the ever increasing reality of religious pluralism.

As a result, in recent years Turkey and Bosnia have embarked upon process of reform, aimed at new ways of teaching religion and cultural history within the school system.

Pakistan is looking at it’s madrasah system in the same way. What about Malaysia? Does 1Malaysia’s concept has any way to which some reform agenda on the religious curricula is needed in some way or another?

Sorry for asking that question. Don’t blame me, I am just thinking and pondering?

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