10-10-10 and It’s Uniqueness

10-10-10 marks another notch in the personal history of many people especially Dato’ Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukur and his wife Dr Harlina Yunos for celebrating their wedding on a fairly fairy-tale scale.

I was just arrived from a friend’s daughter wedding to catch up with the delayed live telecast on TV3. On my way, along Federal Highway, I was perturbed by siren from VVIP’s car rushing for ceremonial function which I guess, urgent attendance is likely.

Many people, it seems, had been ushering the date 10-10-10 by publicly celebrating the day with wedding, to reckon the uniqueness of the numbers, by organizing family festivities and friends get together.

It will not be possible to come to something like 20-20-20…so for those who had something to remember on 10-10-10, I wish you, Happy Belated Anniversary.

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