Are We Technophobic?

Is FB reduced productivity?

According to a new report from Nucleus Research, an IT research company, companies that allow users to access Facebook in the workplace lose an average of 1.5% in total employee productivity,  The survey of 237 employees also showed that 77% of workers who have a Facebook account use it during work hours.

A  study released by Ohio State University shows that college students who use Facebook spend less time studying and have lower grades than students who don’t use the popular social networking site.

Never mind on what they’ve said. I used FB to get to know my old acquaintances in school and universities. It is an avenue where I can spread my thought, idea and perspective of life. If by doing so, I violated societal norm, what more can I say?

In fact, FB is becoming a new media now. Boundary violation pertaining to bashful and diffident demeanor will perish as society reach to a certain stage of maturity. Democracy will flourish as there will be no more political supremacy to dominate news headline. Intellectual debate is allowed through free discussion and multilateral communication, cross-border and cross-gender interaction.

We need to educate people to use FB for good. Refraining people from utilizing technology is counter-productive in the long run.

Are we technophobic?

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