A Nation Plays Double

In India, a country with 1 billion people, seeing people making houses from plastic are not unusual. In slum areas, roof of houses are prevented from flying by bricks put on top of them.

In the other corner, private research institution hires ten to hundred of postgraduate holders to fill the need of hi-tech industry.

The research institution that I visited is equipped with a first-class facility that even Malaysian institution dreamt for years. Equipped with the latest high resolution liquid chromatography as many as thirty, this institution manufactures generic drugs to as many as fifty countries around the globe.

By now, this institution is ready to produce its own active raw ingredient (API) to other drug manufacturers for commercial purposes. It has been approved by FDA and accredited center in many countries including Brazil, USA and UK.

” We are lagging behind”, admits a friend pursing PhD in psycho-pharmachology. Despite this, I think we need to work hard and finally at least be at par with India in psycho-pharmacology.

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