Invention is the Key

A grocery store in the southwest German town of Ruelzheim has piloted a novel technology cutting out time otherwise wasted scrabbling for coins or cards. In checking out, a customer places his or her finger on a scanner, which compares the shopper’s fingerprint with one stored in the store’s database with account details. And, voila! Customer gets charged and goes on his or her way. The store’s manager figures the system won’t be abused. The chance of two people having the same fingerprint is about 1 in 220 million.

Invention is the key. Why are we lazy to invent? We spent most of our years sending children to memorize classic work of ulama (religious scholars). But we forget those ulama invent. They do their ijtihad according to their times. Whereas we now are happy by just memorize their works.

Wake up guys….

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