Social TV

How will your TV look like in ten years’ time?

Imagine, the tv set in your home may be about to be changed into a combination of internet and tv set.

Recently in the US, Google’s boss, Eric Schmidt announced that in the next month or so Google TV will go live in the US.

Google joins a host of other internet companies that want to transform our viewing habits by integrating TV with interactive web features. So far, all have failed. The trouble is, some TV services allow viewers only to stream stuff on-demand from the internet, but without any live TV. Others, provide live TV, but with only limited access to the web. Google claims it will bring together live TV and unfettered access to the web for the first time.

In years to come, the most profound change to our TV habits will come via technology that allows us to share and socialise via our screens. Those who gain will be those who work out how to draw on the success of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

How social TV work is by allowing people to share and discuss the program irrespective of their location.

Many people think of TV viewing as a solitary experience. But it is not.  Social TV could soon make TV guides obsolete. The large number of channels is so overwhelming for viewer to navigate.

How to make the availability of content 24 hours a day? Media owner are unlikely to hand over their programmes to viewers without getting a sure reward. On the other hand, social TV could make it easier for advertisers to target particular social groups.

Let us think and give you input in the internet..

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