The Other Side of Self-Love

Narcissists, are people who have great love for themselves. They are also great at convincing others though they’re just mediocre. Yet, narcissists may come up with better ideas than those with none, suggesting that self-love contributes to real-world success.

Believe me or not, narcissism and creativity seem to go together. Creative people often appear self-important, hungry for attention, and unconcerned with others’ ideas and opinions— all traits narcissists share.

Pablo Picasso, famous for his paintings declaring, “I am God.” Similar to Picasso, narcissists often rise to positions of importance in their careers, implying that they have capabilities that others do not.

Are they good for business?

Study has shown that a group of narcissists generates the most ideas, but it could be because narcissists can help get ideas on the table. If there are too many of them, however, there may be too many egos in the room, preventing anything from getting done. he..he..

It is a very important topic in addressed a clever fashion. Ideally businesses could focus on the narcissistic traits that work and leave the less desirable traits behind. Self-promotion, for example, is a valuable skill, but it benefits everyone to realize how much it can distort perceptions of quality.

(Courtesy: Excerpt from Nathan Collins article in Science).

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