My Wish..Laser Eye Surgery

I was amazed after watching video of Dr Muhaya’s laser eye surgery. Unfortunately, the cost is of consideration to those who had been wearing spectacles for decades like me. I noted from the video that patients weren’t just happy, they are positively gleeful.

It is NOT about any of my hopes of improving marriage prospects since I have married with four grown-up kids. It is about difficulty in adjusting to bifocal lens. The glaring from multicoated lens make me difficult to focus on people face and hence delay my recognition on them every time I meet them.

As a veteran specky, I am scared of the surgical complications such as seeing double vision, poor night vision, glares, halos and enhancement surgical procedure. I know my ophthalmologist would have screen me for moderate visual distortion, stable vision and would have rule out other eye problems.

Notwithstanding my age is closer to fifty. At this age, as I mentioned earlier, I need bifocal for close work. As a doctor, I know it is due to presbyopia, a condition when the lenses in the eyes lose their ability to curve sufficiently t0 focus on nearby object.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Why not….

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