My Condolence

Malaysians have been waiting weeks by weeks for the person in-charged for Dato’ Sosilawati Lawiya’s murder to be charged in court. Hopefully, it is not just for sheer court room drama but real evidence-based trial to put those guilty hang. It is sickening, while we serve the new era of 1Malaysia, serial murder like this had taken place.

It would have been the second time in the history of this country, after Dato’ Mazlan Idris murder in July 1993 that this incident occur. It has promised a classic show case of business greediness and conspiracy leading to murder. Unlike Dato’ Mazlan Idris case, the myth regarding bomoh and pawang hasn’t surface yet. It wasn’t be – at least for the time being (check out my comment in Memperkasa Paradigma later on Sept, 22).

In the current case, Dato’ and his brother are accused of masterminding the murder of few other businessmen – local and expatriate. This conviction triggered widespread protest of anger expressed in the FB. The burned bodies and disposal of the ashes in streams near the lawyer’s property appear to be a rare case of murder, construed to be racially inclined, something dismissed by IGP a few days ago.  The killing had all the makings of a chilling blockbuster.

What more can I say?

Muslims believe in fate (qaza and qadar) whether good or bad, which Allah has measured for all creatures deemed suitable by His wisdom. Allah knows everything. He knows what has happened and what will happen and how it will happen. To those families involved, just pasrah to His plan….and tawakal..

Takziah to all..

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