Comfort and Space

Never in my life that I travel in the first class, except last week. My flight to Amsterdam was upgraded and I was fortunate to be there!

Let me share, what is so special to be in the first class.

The first picture shows the first class cabin of the Malaysian Airline. As you can see, each individual cubicle has personalized area equipped with automated chair-cum-bed which you can sleep flat while travelling on the long journey. In contrast to business class, the bed can’t be made flat when you sleep.

At night, you will be provided with a pillow so that you will have comfort of sleeping like being at home.

As you can see in the second picture, a 15-inch touch screen monitor will allow you to enjoy the best entertainment provided, which can be stowed from the panel situated at the wall of your cubicle.

Satay is the signature dish in Malaysia Airline flight but it is too late as overseas travel use to start in the middle of the night. By that time, you are too sleepy to enjoy whatever food served at that particular hour (third picture).

In conclusion, as proclaimed by MAS, it is all about luxury, space  and comfort being in the First Class but I would like to add another one….luck. It is like winning a lottery, I suppose…

Just let me  congratulate MAS for chosen the right person for the right purpose…