Robot As Doctor

Next generation of physician will be a robot. As physician-guided robots routinely operate on patients at most major hospitals, the next generation robot could eliminate a surprising element from the scenario—the doctor.

Feasibility studies have demonstrated that a robot—without any human assistance—can locate a man-made lesion in simulated human organs, guide a device to the lesion and take multiple samples during a single session.

The researchers believe that as the technology is further developed, autonomous robots could some day perform other simple surgical tasks.
“Earlier this year we demonstrated that a robot directed by artificial intelligence can on its own locate simulated calcifications and cysts in simulated breast tissue with high repeatability and accuracy,” says Kaicheng Liang, a former student of Stephen Smith, director of the Duke University Ultrasound Transducer Group.

The Duke team combined a souped-up version of an existing robot arm with an ultrasound system. The ultrasound serves as the robot’s “eyes” by collecting data from its scan and locating its target. The robot is “controlled” not by a physician, but by an artificial intelligence program that takes the real-time 3-D information, processes it and gives the robot specific commands to perform.

Social TV

How will your TV look like in ten years’ time?

Imagine, the tv set in your home may be about to be changed into a combination of internet and tv set.

Recently in the US, Google’s boss, Eric Schmidt announced that in the next month or so Google TV will go live in the US.

Google joins a host of other internet companies that want to transform our viewing habits by integrating TV with interactive web features. So far, all have failed. The trouble is, some TV services allow viewers only to stream stuff on-demand from the internet, but without any live TV. Others, provide live TV, but with only limited access to the web. Google claims it will bring together live TV and unfettered access to the web for the first time.

In years to come, the most profound change to our TV habits will come via technology that allows us to share and socialise via our screens. Those who gain will be those who work out how to draw on the success of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

How social TV work is by allowing people to share and discuss the program irrespective of their location.

Many people think of TV viewing as a solitary experience. But it is not.  Social TV could soon make TV guides obsolete. The large number of channels is so overwhelming for viewer to navigate.

How to make the availability of content 24 hours a day? Media owner are unlikely to hand over their programmes to viewers without getting a sure reward. On the other hand, social TV could make it easier for advertisers to target particular social groups.

Let us think and give you input in the internet..

The Other Side of Self-Love

Narcissists, are people who have great love for themselves. They are also great at convincing others though they’re just mediocre. Yet, narcissists may come up with better ideas than those with none, suggesting that self-love contributes to real-world success.

Believe me or not, narcissism and creativity seem to go together. Creative people often appear self-important, hungry for attention, and unconcerned with others’ ideas and opinions— all traits narcissists share.

Pablo Picasso, famous for his paintings declaring, “I am God.” Similar to Picasso, narcissists often rise to positions of importance in their careers, implying that they have capabilities that others do not.

Are they good for business?

Study has shown that a group of narcissists generates the most ideas, but it could be because narcissists can help get ideas on the table. If there are too many of them, however, there may be too many egos in the room, preventing anything from getting done. he..he..

It is a very important topic in addressed a clever fashion. Ideally businesses could focus on the narcissistic traits that work and leave the less desirable traits behind. Self-promotion, for example, is a valuable skill, but it benefits everyone to realize how much it can distort perceptions of quality.

(Courtesy: Excerpt from Nathan Collins article in Science).

Quick Notes on India’s IT revolution

This is the story of India’s IT revolution. It isn’t a new phenomena, of course.

For years the southern city of Bangalore has stood out as a high-tech crucible in a no-tech land. But the development of internet now creates job for millions of Indians. India has produced the largest international pool of engineering talent in the developing world,  a good proportion of which speaks English, the lingua franca of the  New Economy. These engineers’ underemployed sisters and cousin have proven willing to work cheaply at a new crop of labor-intensive jobs made possible by the distance bridging technology of the internet.

The only problem is the low penetration of computers into Indians households: the country of 1 billion people has only 4.3 millions PC. The phone network is Third World at its worst.

The good news is Indian cities where the midddle class live, are cable wired like no others in the world. The cables are strung across balconies and launderies line but they work and now they are being converted into internet connection.

India New Econoy is an accident.

In the past, the country’s vast army of engineers was something of an embarassment because so few found decent jobs. The use of English still prompts nationalistic unease. Now they are assets.

It is a tale of Indian lives transformed….

My Wish..Laser Eye Surgery

I was amazed after watching video of Dr Muhaya’s laser eye surgery. Unfortunately, the cost is of consideration to those who had been wearing spectacles for decades like me. I noted from the video that patients weren’t just happy, they are positively gleeful.

It is NOT about any of my hopes of improving marriage prospects since I have married with four grown-up kids. It is about difficulty in adjusting to bifocal lens. The glaring from multicoated lens make me difficult to focus on people face and hence delay my recognition on them every time I meet them.

As a veteran specky, I am scared of the surgical complications such as seeing double vision, poor night vision, glares, halos and enhancement surgical procedure. I know my ophthalmologist would have screen me for moderate visual distortion, stable vision and would have rule out other eye problems.

Notwithstanding my age is closer to fifty. At this age, as I mentioned earlier, I need bifocal for close work. As a doctor, I know it is due to presbyopia, a condition when the lenses in the eyes lose their ability to curve sufficiently t0 focus on nearby object.

Am I a suitable candidate?

Why not….

My Condolence

Malaysians have been waiting weeks by weeks for the person in-charged for Dato’ Sosilawati Lawiya’s murder to be charged in court. Hopefully, it is not just for sheer court room drama but real evidence-based trial to put those guilty hang. It is sickening, while we serve the new era of 1Malaysia, serial murder like this had taken place.

It would have been the second time in the history of this country, after Dato’ Mazlan Idris murder in July 1993 that this incident occur. It has promised a classic show case of business greediness and conspiracy leading to murder. Unlike Dato’ Mazlan Idris case, the myth regarding bomoh and pawang hasn’t surface yet. It wasn’t be – at least for the time being (check out my comment in Memperkasa Paradigma later on Sept, 22).

In the current case, Dato’ and his brother are accused of masterminding the murder of few other businessmen – local and expatriate. This conviction triggered widespread protest of anger expressed in the FB. The burned bodies and disposal of the ashes in streams near the lawyer’s property appear to be a rare case of murder, construed to be racially inclined, something dismissed by IGP a few days ago.  The killing had all the makings of a chilling blockbuster.

What more can I say?

Muslims believe in fate (qaza and qadar) whether good or bad, which Allah has measured for all creatures deemed suitable by His wisdom. Allah knows everything. He knows what has happened and what will happen and how it will happen. To those families involved, just pasrah to His plan….and tawakal..

Takziah to all..

WHO Declares Official End to H1N1 ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic

The H1N1 pandemic that started in the spring of 2009 is now officially over, says the World Health Organization (WHO). Speaking from Hong Kong during a teleconference this afternoon, WHO Director Margaret Chan declared that “we are now moving into the post-pandemic period. The new H1N1 virus has largely run its course.”

The decision reflects the unanimous recommendation of WHO’s so-called Emergency Committee, which based its conclusion on recent epidemiological and virological information, in particular from the Southern Hemisphere, where the flu season is in full swing.

Although the new H1N1 is still here and will continue to cause disease, it has become much like any other flu strain, Chan said, no longer causing the vast majority of flu cases nor triggering outbreaks during the summer. Most experts expect the virus will continue circulating as an annual strain, along with another influenza A strain called H3N2 and with influenza B.

On the Emergency Committee’s recommendation, WHO officially declared the pandemic on 11 June 2009, some 3 months after the virus is believed to have claimed its first victims in Mexico. Since then, there have been some 18,500 lab-confirmed deaths from the virus, WHO flu expert Keiji Fukuda told reporters today from Geneva. The real toll is believed to be higher; studies are ongoing to estimate the total number of excess deaths caused by the virus.

Chan again defended her agency’s decision against charges that WHO had overreacted and hyped the threat. WHO has consistently stressed that the pandemic was of “moderate severity,” she said, while warning that the virus caused unusually severe disease in some pregnant women and young adults.

Asked about her own sentiments now that the episode has ended, Chan said: “Do I feel happy? Do I feel tired? I feel both.” She warned that countries should keep up their vigilance, however, and monitor for any unusual behavior by the virus.

WHO has also come under criticism for keeping secret the names of the members of its Emergency Committee, a measure aimed at shielding those experts from undue pressure. Chan said the names will be released today, but so far, they have not appeared on WHO’s HINI Website.

(By Martin Enserin)

Eid in China

Since Pemegang Mohor Besar Raja-Raja had already announced that Eidul Fitr would be celebrated tomorrow then let’s fast for another day before the final celebration begins.

Perhaps the caption above would have reminded us that Muslims all over the world are celebrating Eidul Fitr together irrespective of their race and color, in the true spirit of Muslim Ummah.