Commercial Fraud During Raya?

A friend posted information on trick played by hypermarket with regard to cheap sale. Perpetrators are giant in the field of merchandising and selling household products. Yet, they are selfish lots who cheat on poor customers. Capitalism has it’s own caveat, so to speak. On the other hand, consumers have very important role to play. Shop until you drop shouldn’t be the motto for this Raya! Shoppers must learn to identify their needs, write down list of items to buy, compare prices and bargain if the shop permit them to do so. Dining out in hotels during Ramadhan can be done occasionally but not regularly. Even if you can pay the price, in many instances, I notice, restaurants are packed and overcrowded with hungry eaters waiting turn to break the fast.

Something we haven’t thought much about is how to deal with the issue of commercial frud at individual level. I think, first and foremost is about controlling your lust (or nafs) for everything luxury. Easier said than done! Second, is, info must be available, everywhere, from the web to the shopping mall. Third, strong and proactive consumer association must creates public awareness especially near the time when people go out for their shopping spree. Fourth, active and responsible member of the public must highlight any fraud and help others who have become the victim of those selfish capitalist and last but not least, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affair must mobilize it’s men to the ground, check those places and bring them to justice.

Finally, let remind our ourselves to go back to the basic i.e, Islam prohibits any kind of squandering or extravagant act.
Selamat Berpuasa.