Michael J Fox and Parkinsonism

I’d still remember in the 80s, I used to sit down in front of TV set watching my favorite sitcom, Family Ties which starred Michael J Fox as a confident, young, brilliant yet funny youngster named Alex Keaton. When my daughter showed me the recently published Reader Digest portraying the picture of the actor and the story on his recipe for happiness, I’d just can’t say any word.

Michael J Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson (s0mething that I know for years) but his coping skills were fantastic. He talked about his wife, Tracy Pollan, his kids, his willingness to accept the fate and even took opportunity to advice others on ways to achieve happiness.

We, who believe in Islam may called it qaza & qadar that many finally succumb to accepting the illness.

He didn’t call it ‘struggle’ but he settled down by accepting it with positive attitude and gratitude to God, perhaps. It is rare for someone with chronic illness to come to a stage when he would come forward to advocate others on how to help themselves living with the illness. Many would just feel depressed and wanted to be left alone.

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