Are Our Kids Creative?

Do you think Malaysian kids are creative?

Highly creative people tend to grow up in a families embodying opposites. Parents encourage uniqueness yet provided stability. They are highly responsive to to kid’s need yet challenged kids to develop skills. This resulted in adaptability, in time of anxiousness. In the space between anxiety and boredome was where the creativity flourished.

In childhood, distinct types of free play are associated with high creativity. Preschoolers who spend more time playing masak-masak or doktor-doktor have high measure of creativity. Playing someone’s else point of view helps develop their ability to analyze situation from different perspectives.

In middle childhood, kids create paracosms / fantasies of entire alternatives worlds. From then on school and studies become integral part of their world. Info become more complex and kids get overloaded and creativity suffers. (Write: Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman in Newsweek).

Malaysians have moved toward creativity. Check out at LimKokWeng’s University, KLIUC and ASWARA. Unfortunately, we started very late. Exposure in creativity should start in preschool years not when our youngsters start to join ASWARA. Because studies have shown that those high in creative self-efficacy had more confidence about their future and ability to succeed in life.

Aren’t that what we want?

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