It is Anger Control

How lucky for the seven Royal Malay Regiment privates for being sentenced to 7 years’ jail only after they pleaded guilty to causing the death of another private just because he was considered ‘lembik’ (feminine) after they assaulted him in a ragging incident in 2008.

I wonder whether 7 years jail would be OK for an attack which amounted to death. According to the case, the victim was hit on his private part using a rubber slingshot followed by another attack the next day which was characterized by punching, stepping on his body and back using spiked boot, hitting his head with a wooden item until the victim fell in the bathroom. And again this is because he was labelled as ‘lembik’. (STAR, July ,10). Can someone from the legal fraternity enlighten me on this?

Do they know who are their enemies and who are their friends? If they are too good in their job but there is nobody to kill, please send them to Gaza and let them fight with the Palestinian. If I am the judge that is what exactly I am going to do.

It is a shame when a judge’s husband was facing the same problem too. He pleaded guilty for punching a session court judge and was fine RM 2K under Section 323 of the Penal Code. The defense lawyer said: the incident was unfortunate as at that time, my client could not control his emotions.

Well said! Next time, all perpetrators with poor impulse control should be sent to Gaza for intervention by the Israelis. Let them learn the lesson.