Consumer Desire

Many people don’t know why it is important to understand the need of the consumer. That why when you go to the restaurant (except the mamak outlet), services are generally poor (except the 4- and 5-star restaurant). Orders are taken at their leisure, tables are not properly clean in time and even sometimes pay for the food creates a lot of hustle and difficulty.

What some ‘towkey’ of certain food outlets don’t really know is the psychology of consumer desire. Basically, people will act accordingly based on desire. Yes, for instance, if I am hungry (desire), I will act according to my desire of being hungry which could lead to getting easily irritable, angry and even avoid the unwelcoming restaurant altogether. The restaurant owner needs to fulfill this desire promptly so that it will be rewarding for customers and creates positive reinforcement when he/she will return to the outlet again.

To add more value to the owner advantage, he should serve products that connect well to the taste and imagination of the customers.

To my mind, that would explain why people like Dr Pauzi Abdul Majid like to entertain friends while watching World Cup in the mamak outlet. It’s psychology that matter. he..

p/s: Siapa menang World Cup, Pauzi?

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