Past and Future Mantra

Many ways to look at the future. One, future is the continuation of the past. Yes..unless there is the past, then only we have the future. On the other hand, sometimes, the things that got you where you are seldom the things that keep you there.

We can look at the past to know where we are coming from and chart our way to go forward. Fine. But to stuck to the past, and being too nostalgic without let it go, would be a disadvantage. Like it or not, sometimes we have to see the past as a series of discontinuities. The failure should be seen as an opportunity for us to learn to take the lessons in our stride. The victorious moment should be seen as motivator for further improvement.

Remember, just let go the past..if it is on your advantage. Otherwise, it ‘ll just get locked into you and you will be restricted to move to the future. But, do not let them go all at once. Built the second one. So by this time, the past and the future have to coexist in the present. And that is the pathway to the happy life.

That is what I do, my dear friends who had written many nostalgic mantra in our FB.

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