Parenting issues…as I see it

You must be wondering whether you are democratic enough as a parent. Too democratic, however, back off discipline. On many instances, neither power nor responsibility is equally distributed between children and adults. Let us say in the tender years, children can’t solve problem themselves. In the same note, to feel save, children need their parents to provide security. They need to be taught to be responsible to themselves. Hence, those years would be authoritarian years for parents.

I believe parents mustn’t be a police. Neither be a judge at all time. They should strive for a workable balance of power. I have seen a kid who is so scared of his mother who is a teacher. When I asked the mum, she claimed that the son was lovely sometimes by telling her what had happened in school etc. I was quick to point out that the child was revealing the story provided that at that time he found out that he was dealing with the ‘mother’ not the ‘teacher’. Of course, I am referring to the strict functional role of teacher as factual knowledge provider rather than a warmth, lovely mother. If teachers can play both roles, it would be very beneficial for the development of children. This is where parents must strike a balance between being too permissive on one hand and too authoritarian, on the other hand.

Finally don’t forget to show warmth, to praise your child when he deserves it and show sensitivity to your child’s special need. Bye..

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