The game that I totally have no knowledge about is cricket. Why? Perhaps because cricket is an exported sport. It has no connection to local culture, play by the rich, white gentleman of the ruling class in the colonial era.

Unknown to me, cricket root’s are deep, lying somewhere in Northern Europe. Cricket too had started a long and bitter battle between England and Australia in late 1800s. Cricket team from Sri Lanka was ambushed in March 2009 in Lahore and since then Pakistan was seemingly unable to hold home games for fear of terrorism.

In USM campus, cricket is played by expatriates from South Asian subcontinent. In Australia, as I was informed, cricket is the biggest national sport. There is no such thing as friendly game, esp if it involve playing an Englishman. The same goes for Indo-Pakistan game. India is the country where cricketers are God, A friend mentioned the name of Mahendra Singh, the captain of India team.

That’s all I know about cricket. How it is played? Sorry, I can’t help you…

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