The Memoir of Abdullah C.D

I still couldn’t understand how some of the Malays became communist (in the 50s).

Reading Abdullah C.D’s memoir making me realize that freedom fighters too, more often than not, are overwhelmed by emotion and dogma. The principal dogma of Communist ideology holds that the physical world of things which can be seen, felt, weighed, and measured is the only reality that exists. The spiritual dimension to human experience is non-existence. How come he who believes in spiritual Islam on one hand, believes in Communism on the other hand?

Perhaps the class struggle is the answer. if Freud believed that sexual and hostility are two motivating factors that drive primitive instinct, the communist believes that the determining factor in the evolution of society is the class struggle. The working out of the class struggle will eventually bring the Communist Party to power. This is the essence of Abdullah C.D’s struggle and subsequently led to the formation of the 10th Regiment, Communist Party of Malaya (CPM). He argued that he and his regiment contributed significantly to the independent of Malaya.

The reason for reading this book is because I like counter-argument. We have been told for years on the role of the ruling party in the independent of Malaya. Now, Abdullah C.D too, wants some credit. What say you? Let me finish my reading…